Childen's American Dream Captain America Hoodie Dress

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American Dream Hoodie dress includes:

  • Long sleeve shimmer dress
  • Attached hoodie
  • Blue glitter eye mask

American Dream is a Marvel superhero who idolizes Captain America. Have some world saving fun this Halloween with this American Dream Hoodie Dress costume.

The American Dream Hoodie Dress features a hooded red, white, and blue dress. The top section of the dress is in a shimmering blue material with a large white star in the center of the chest. The midsection of the dress features vertical red and white stripes. The skirt of the dress is pleated and made of the shimmering blue material. The sleeves of the dress start with the shimmering blue at the shoulder and have white in the middle section. The ends of the sleeves are in a shimmering red material. The hood of the dress is in the shimmering blue material and has two white wings sewn onto it and a letter A in the center. A belt of the shimmering blue material fits around the waist of the dress and has a silver buckle. Also included with the costume is a glittery blue eye mask. The eye mask is moulded into shape and fastens onto the head with an elastic strap.

Fans of the Marvel superheroes will love this American Dream Hoodie Dress costume. Check out our Captain America shield for a great extra touch to this costume! This costume is great for Halloween, a superhero themed party, or for a comic convention. Pair this costume with other Marvel superheroes for a fun group costume idea.