Children's White Rabbit Down The Rabbit Hole Costume

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The Kids Down the Rabbit Hole Costume includes:

  • Dress

  • Hat headband

  • Bow tie choker

  • 2 Fingerless gloves


This clever costume plays with the themes behind Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, featuring a white rabbit in spirit if not in appearance. Just like Louis Carroll, we've re-envisioned a character known for a peculiar form of high-brow literary nonsense.


The sweetheart-dress and jacket are carefully fashioned together to create a layered exterior while keeping it all in one dress. With a pink and blue tartan waistcoat and white satiny puffball skirt, the crushed velvety jacket acts as a shrug, fixed together with a heart pendant. The sleeves feature matching white cuffs. Brilliant gold piping accentuates the dress throughout. The furred fingerless gloves are there to suggest the white rabbit, as does the hatband with small blue hat and white rabbit ears. The bowtie choker matches the dress's tartan.


Wonderful for cosplay any time, whether for a special event like a fantasy convention or a tea party around the house. Eminently suitable for Halloween or any other costume event, whether or not the white rabbit is late for the date. This costume will be treasured by your child for as long as they can squeeze into it.