Cozy White Rabbit Fleece Hoodie-Dress Costume

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Cozy White Rabbit includes:

  • Hooded dress with front zipper

Get this costume in the nick of time!

The Cozy White Rabbit costume is a soft and plush hooded dress. The white sleeved dress includes a hood with plush, white and pink rabbit ears. There is a blue faux vest that is attached to the dress itself and is made of the same soft, fleece material. There is a huge yellow bow tie with large blue spots that is affixed to one side of the dress and connects to the other via a Velcro strip. There is also a cute pocket watch made of stiff felt and attached to a gold coloured cord.

The Cozy White Costume is definitely a fun and comfortable way to dress up this Halloween. It works really well for any Disney or storybook theme party.