Toddler/Children's Tiny Dinosaur Train Pterodactyl Costume

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Pterodactyl costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Shoe covers
  • Character hood

This is a pterodactyl costume from Dinosaur Train. This character’s name is Tiny. This is a three-piece costume with a jumpsuit, headpiece and shoe covers. The suit is made of soft fleece. It zips up in the front from the collar. The sleeves have attached claws. There is an opening for the hands to fit through. Also attached to the sleeves are Pterodactyl-like wings. On the lower back is a plush tail. The headpiece is a Hood with a plush Pterodactyl head attached to the top. The pterodactyl has plastic cartoon eyes and the hood fastens under the chin with Velcro. The shoe covers fasten around the foot with elastic and have vinyl claws attached. They fit on the foot with elastics around the ankles. This costume is perfect for a fan of the children’s show or wants to go as a prehistoric beast for Halloween.