Supergirl TV Series Children's Costume

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  • Supergirl The Series Children's Costume
  • Supergirl TV Series Children's Costume


Supergirl Costume includes:

  • One-piece dress
  • Cape
  • Belt

*Note: Boots required but sold separately.

Supergirl! This officially licensed Supergirl costume is based off the Kara Zor-El character from the CBS/CW series, Supergirl. Kara Zor-El, cousin to Superman, has all the powers he does and protects National City in the current Supergirl series. This costume will have your little girl feeling like she can protect the world.

We must say, this is a really great looking and feeling costume. The body of the costume is a one-piece dress. The top of this Supergirl costume is a lovely, deep shade of steel blue and features lines of red faux stitching along the arms, front and back. This makes it look like it was crafted by Supergirl herself. The iconic "S" logo appears in red and outlined in yellow on the chest of the costume. It waistline of the dress comes to a pointed 'V' in front. The bold red skirt is done in a satin-like material and features an extra panel that falls in the front overtop of the rest of the skirt. The cape is what really puts this costume in a category above the others. A shade darker than that of the skirt, this red Supergirl cape is almost vinyl - think of a faux leather legging material. It has a wonderful feel to it without being overly heavy. It attaches to the tops of the shoulders of the dress with strips of Velcro. The included belt is a bright and shiny gold that wraps around the waist in the same 'V' that separates the skirt from the top. The belt ends attach with Velcro.

Let your little one soar in this amazing Supergirl costume!

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