Children's Gaspar King of India Wise Men Nativity Costume

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King Gaspar of India costume includes:

  • Robe
  • Cape
  • Headpiece

Show off your royal side this holiday season in this gold coloured Kids Gaspar of India costume. Gaspar was one of the Three Wise Men from biblical accounts who give presents to the new baby Jesus.

The Kids Gaspar of India costume is a three piece costume with an orange robe. The robe has elegant gold and green embroidered ribbon trim down the front, around the waist and on the sleeves. The collar of the robe is high and has Velcro closures in the back. The Gaspar costume comes with a cape that is made of a satiny gold fabric. The cape has extra fabric at the shoulders to give them a puffy appearance. A beige collar with brown ties keeps the cape on your shoulders. Shimmery gold ribbon trim around the bottom of the cape pulls the costume together. There is a small hat styled like a turban with long flowing back to look like something an Arabian King would wear.

Add this Kids Gaspar of India to your collection for Christmas nativity play. It also works great for Halloween or Arabian themed events. This costume would work great even for a sheik or sultan.