Children's Dragon Slayer Knight Costume

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Dragon Slayer Knight costume includes:

  • Tunic
  • Cape
  • Hood
  • Belt
  • Gauntlets
  • Boot covers

This brave knight can stand up against any beast. Take on the dragon with this kids Dragon Slayer Knight costume. 

The Dragon Slayer costume comes with a grey tunic that slips over the head. It has a large printed crest with crown on the chest. The sleeves are sliver threaded to look like chainmail. The bottom front is split in two for easier movement with a pleather edge. Overtop goes the black hood, it attached to the shoulders with velcro. It has the front collar piece that sits over the tunic. The pleather helmet has silver grommets and a small forehead piece. Attached is the matching 'chainmail' goes around the neck and has opening for the face. Gauntlets, boot covers and belt are are made from the same faux leather material. 

Dragon Slaying has never been easier with this great Knight costume. Perfect for Halloween, Medieval events or plays.