Yondu - Guardians of the Galaxy Muscle Chest Children's Deluxe Costume

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The Kids Deluxe Muscle Chest Yondu GOTG2 Costume includes:

  • Padded jumpsuit
  • Attached coat and boot tops
  • Mask

Part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Collection.

As a fatherly figure to Quill, and leader of the Ravagers, there isn’t much your child will miss while wearing the GOTG2 Yondu Costume! Being a member of the Guardians requires heart and skill. Luckily both are on your side thanks to your friends and your handy whistle controlled arrow.

The full body Muscle Chest Yondu jumpsuit has padded sections which help fill out and create thickness to the costume in areas such as the arms and abdomen. There are printed designs that span across the surface of the fabric, featuring shading and several different colors to create the image of a long vest coat, a purple jacket, a utility belt, and pants. The long vest coat described is attached at the seam on either side of the costume creating the illusion of multiple layers. Another piece to the jumpsuit is the connected boot tops which are designed to slip over top of regular shoes to disguise them. As the final piece to the ensemble, a plastic molded mask painted to Yondu’s likeness slips over the head through use of an elastic band.

Take the Kids Deluxe Yondu GOTG2 costume out on Halloween night with your own crime fighting team by using the other costumes in the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 collection! Or, wear to Marvel themed parties, comic conventions, or keep for casual play!