Children's Deluxe Superman Justice League Costume

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The Kids Deluxe Superman Justice League Costume includes:

  • Padded jumpsuit with attached 3D boot-tops
  • Removable cape

Did Metropolis really think you were gone for good? Take flight as the infamous Kryptonian survivor Kal-El and rally together with your team wearing the Kids Deluxe Superman Justice League Costume to defeat your greatest foe yet! Stepphenwolf may have an army of Parademons, but you have a yellow sun to bask in.

This two-piece costume set is 100% polyester and features printed designs made to the likeness of Superman’s recognizable suit. The jumpsuit is structurally padded in sections to mimic muscle definition in the arms, chest, and abdomen. In the center of the chest on the jumpsuit there is Superman’s emblem, and attached by velcro to the backside of the shoulders is a full length red cape. Both pant-legs and sleeves are full length, and each leg has an attached 3D boot tops. These stiff fabric pieces slip over top of shoes to disguise them as red high boots.

The Kids Deluxe Superman Justice League Costume is perfect for the young advocate for humanity in your life. Wear to superhero themed events, or dazzle fans at your local comic convention! If it isn’t your child’s style to fly solo, gather a group of youngsters and check out our other Justice League costumes to assemble a team of your own!