Children's Deluxe Red Riding Hood Costume

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  • Deluxe Red Riding Hood Children's Costume
  • Children's Deluxe Red Riding Hood Costume


Deluxe Red Riding Hood Children's Costume includes:

  • One-piece dress
  • Cloak with attached hood
  • Clip-on safety light

*Note: Leggings, footwear and basket sold separately.

Off to grandmother's house you go...

The Deluxe Red Riding Hood Children's Costume definitely means business. The classic dress style is still reminiscent of the innocence of Little Red Riding Hood while the dark colours and printed velvet fabric design over a satiny fabric bring a bit of rebellious fun to the story book character. The one-piece dress is a beautiful mix of attitude and sweetness. The top of the Deluxe Red Riding Hood Children's costume is a soft, red material. In the back, this material has some stretch to it. There is also a panel of this same red fabric down the centre of the costume with a faux lace-up front with black ribbon. The rest of the costume is the same colour red but is instead made of a soft, satin-like fabric. Over this fabric is black velvet-printed shapes and designs, giving the overall feel and look of the dress a bit of black lace. Elastic cuffs on the sleeve caps keep them in place on the arms. The satiny material continues down to the skirt, as does the black-velvet printing overtop. Underneath, there is a layer of crinoline to add some volume to the skirt. Red Riding Hood's iconic cloak with attached hood is a great accessory piece. This cloak is a wonderfully soft crushed velvety fabric. It comes to just behind the legs and has a gorgeous black lace trim that embellishes the hood, sides of the cloak and the bottom as well. There are two small holes in the cloak for your Little Red to put her arms through and a black bow with Velcro fastens together each side at the neck. A great addition to this costume is the included clip-on safety light. Simply clip onto the costume or other items so people don't miss your child while out getting some candy!

Pick up a basket of goodies and some black leggings or tights your child is ready to go for Halloween!

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