Children's Deluxe Elvis Jumpsuit Costume

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Elvis costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Belt
  • Scarf

Mini Elvis. This absolutely awesome mini Elvis costume with have your kid rocking like The King. The costume consists of a full one piece White jumpsuit. The collar is very wide, and can stand up if you want it to. Over the back of the collar there is an appliqué of stars and wings. The appliqué is the same theme all over the suit, gold sparkles, stars, and red and blue dots that make up patterns. On both sides of the torso is the side view of an eagle, and on the back is a full eagle. on both arms there are mini eagles and stars. The Belt is long and white, with glittering stars, eagles and red dots decorating the length of it. It has some light weight chains hanging on 4 different places for drama. The belt does up with Velcro. Great for celebrity themes, Halloween and dress up. Add a red neck scarf completes the look.