Chickie Chicken Deluxe Animal Mascot Costume

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One size: Up to chest 50"

Awesome Chicken costume includes:

  • Fuzzy chicken body
  • Red socks
  • Chicken feet
  • Red latex gloves
  • Chicken mask

This epic chicken is not for the faint of heart. This costumes comes with everything you see. The jumpsuit is soft and fuzzy like a baby unicorns mane and is bright yellow. There's red wings sewn to the underside of the arms with scalloped edges to remind people, you are not to be messed with. Just flap your arms to assert dominance. Thick ribbed red socks come with this chicken costume because you'll need some thick skin. Red latex gloves come with for handling all the hands you will shake, and latex yellow feet top off your tootsies. The feet slip over your socks (shoes if you plan on doing any running) and are airbrushed with the finest chicken feet details, like a Monet painting. To top this costume off is a chicken mask that van be worn again and again, even without the suit. There's hidden eye holes for seeing and a vent for breathing. This is one awesome Chicken. Grab some KFC, a Colonel Sanders, or an Egg partner and make it a group effort. Great for slush cups, Halloween, bachelor parties and whatever makes people laugh.