Carnival Costume Masquerade Mask with Glitter - 3 Colours

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Swing into the far reaches of fantasy, acrobatics, and color with the Carnival Costume Masquerade Mask with Glitter! This simple plastic accessory includes a background mask made of shimmery gold and a larger overlaid design in a brighter, glittery, gold colour. This overlaid design consists of cut out curves, lines, and flourishes. In the center between the eyebrows, and on either side of the nose, there are metal elements connecting both layers of the mask together. Made in three different colors, the Carnival Costume Masquerade Mask with Glitter can match with your planned outfit, and provide variety for matching group costumes! Utilize this accessory by wearing it to circus or masquerade themed events, out on New Year’s Eve, or on stage to portray a unique character.