Bollywood Indian Dancer Costume

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Bollywood Dancer costume includes:

  • Body veil
  • Top
  • Skirt
  • Briefs
  • Fabric bangles (4)

Set the stage in this beautiful Indian Bollywood Dancer costume. The gorgeous colours will set you apart. 

This Indian Bollywood dancer costume comes with several different pieces. The pink top is a polyester fabric with a metallic sheen. There is gold applique trim along the front of the top and the sleeves. It also runs around the neck, ending in a v-shaped bodice that has a layer of magenta sequins and another layer of applique, ending with a large purple jewel. There is a little bit of ruching to shape the bust  There is elastic around the bottom edge and little jewels on the front to complete the top.

The Bollywood Dancer briefs are the same pink polyester in a string bikini type. The top of the skirt is also pink polyester with three diamond shaped gold applique with sequins with a large purple jewel in the middle. The top and bottom of pink section is more gold applique and three layers of jewels attached as well. The middle layer of the skirt is made of two parts of orange organza with silver sequins. The bottom layer is more applique and pink fabric.

The dancer body veil is also made out of the orange organza with silver sequins and on each end a layer of gold applique and magenta sequins. This Bollywood Dancer would not be complete without the four fabric armbands, two in each orange and pink that velro closed.

Grab some jewelry to finish this beautiful Bollywood Dancer costume. It would be the ultimate costume for Halloween, a Bollywood themed party or dance programs.