Boba Fett Qualux | Star Wars | Mens Costumes

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  • Boba Fett Qualux | Star Wars | Mens Costumes
  • Boba Fett Qualux | Star Wars | Mens Costumes


Prepare for intergalactic conquest in our Boba Fett Qualux costume! This stunning homage to the legendary Star Wars bounty hunter will have you ready to hunt down your foes with style. Crafted to galactic perfection, this outfit boasts exquisite detail and authenticity. Whether you're patrolling the sands of Tatooine or commanding the coolest spaceship in the galaxy, the Boba Fett Qualux costume ensures you'll be the star of any cosplay event. Embrace the dark side with your own touch of Mandalorian flair, and let the adventure begin!

This costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit is cut from poly jersey and stuffed with foam on the arms, body, legs and shoe spats
  • Detachable Kilt
  • 3D Half Mask

Journey into the realm of costumes and accessories to achieve costume perfection!

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