Bob Ross Painting Costume Dress

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  • Bob Ross Painting Dress
  • Bob Ross Painting Costume Dress


The Womens Bob Ross Painting Dress Costume includes:

  • Dress

Bob Ross and the Joy of Painting is an immemorial icon of Canadian childhood and artistic interest. Who does not remember the need to add a happy little tree or a happy little bush? Or seeing a marvelous painting created from a blank canvas in less than half an hour?

The costume is a soft dress that fits something like a straight-hemmed poncho, but when the arms are raised the dress falls as a square canvas. The art depicted is a resplendent example of Bob Ross' familiar and bold artistic style, rendered with intensive colors and tones. Comfortable as a t-shirt, the dress falls to waist-level.

Wear as a couple's costume, for Halloween, and ironically to an art show or to any artistic themed party. Or buy as a reminder of the show you watched a hundred times, that you still remember with fondness.

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