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Elevate your costume game with our Boa Super Deluxe Chandelle Feather in Assorted Colours – the ultimate costume accessory that'll have you "feathered" and fabulous! This boa is so lush, it's like a "plume-derful" explosion of color and texture, making it an absolute must-have for costume connoisseurs. Whether you're dressing as a glamorous diva, a sassy showgirl, or just aiming for that extra pop of pizzazz, our boas are here to "plume-tify" your style. So, don't just wing it – feather it up and "plume-tuate" your look with our Super Deluxe Chandelle Feather Boa.

Chandelle Feather Boas are made of feathers or "flats" from the turkey. The feathers are stripped from the stem of the larger turkey feathers into two to make plys.

Hint: Let your boa breath! A boa may look thin and flat right out of the package so let it hang and air out. Usually the boas need to be hung up for 48 to 72 hours before use. The longer you hung them the better they look.

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