Calgary Easter Events | Easter 2023

Calgary Easter Events | Easter 2023

at The Costume Shoppe Calgary

Calgary Easter Events | Easter 2023 | Sale

Calgary Easter Events | Many exciting options are available for Easter of 2023 at The Costume Shoppe in Calgary. Here is what generates excitement at The Costume Shoppe for Easter enthusiasts.

This 2023 marks the first real Easter since the pandemic of 2020-2022. This season The Costume Shoppe has seen a steady increase of visitors online and in-person at their location on 4307 Blackfoot Trail SE Calgary. It seems as if people are opening up now. Families are able to get together again and really enjoy Easter festivities.

The Costume Shoppe has some exciting new developments and partnerships that work together in unison to make your families Easter one to remember.

Special Easter Selections At The Costume Shoppe

Get into the Easter spirit this year with friends and family while wearing something that isn’t awkward or uncomfortable to put on. The Costume Shoppe has Easter Bunny Onesies that are incredibly comfortable to wear around the house and even outdoors while attending an Easter related event.

Plus size costumes add to the inclusivity of it all, The Costume Shoppe has something for everyone who ventures into their location or online store. Recently, the company has added specialty items such as Easter bunny mascots that are a tremendous amount of fun for friends, family, and especially for those who are hosting an Easter event this year.

The Easter bunny mascot selection that The Costume Shoppe has to offer, is no average Easter bunny with a little something on it. These costumes are of great quality with plenty of head-room for the costume wearer. The feedback on this brand of Easter bunny has been excellent, making The Costume Shoppe’s Easter Bunny selection the ideal option for Easter lovers this year.

Easter costumes include accessories such as:

  • Plush jumpsuit with attached waistcoat
  • Plush headpiece with bunny ears
  • Bow tie
  • Plush mittens

And shoe covers, making the Easter Bunny appear evermore realistic and exciting for the kids. But the options don’t end there, variations of Easter bunny mascots come in a farmer style as well, coupled with:

  • Overalls
  • Head with Detached Ears
  • Shirt
  • Mitts
  • Bow Tie
  • Shoe Covers And more. While you’re shopping, don’t forget to couple your Easter bunny outfits with a basket full of Easter eggs, sold separately from the costume.

For Rent Bunnies

Are you excited about Easter bunny mascots but don’t wish to take the purchasing plunge? The Costume Shoppe has just the solution for you. The company has decided to offer for-rent-bunnies this year for specialty events such as: parades, church plays, school plays, restaurants, and catering related events.

Having an Easter Bunny rental for up to a full week will ensure that you maximize the amount of fun your guests will have without having to make the purchasing commitment. Having an Easter Bunny around the house for a week is also a great way to entertain the kids.

To add to the excitement of the Rent-a-bunny sale, The Costume Shoppe also has a retired rental clearance sale going on right now. Where you can buy a retired mascot rental and give it brand new life for the ultra low price of only $10.00 a piece! That’s right, an entire mascot costume can be brought home today for as little as $10.00.

Coupled with any rent-a-bunny or Easter bunny purchase made at the Costume Shoppe this year. Lucky customers will also receive a $20 gift card to the locally owned Master Chocolat.

Calgary Easter Events | Easter 2023 | Sale

Working Together with Master Chocolat

to Make Easter Even Better Than Before

This year, The Costume Shoppe reached out to local Calgary businesses that are heavily involved in Easter and decided to turn it up a notch. Using this time of year to work together, The Costume Shoppe and Master Chocolat have made an incredible team.

What goes better with Easter than chocolate? Purchasing an Easter bunny and receiving a gift card to a high quality chocolate making company in Calgary is a great way to support local businesses this year.

Master Chocolat is a signature chocolate making company that offers Calgarians a special place to purchase Easter chocolate this year. Master Chocolat is owned by Bernard Callebaut. On March/25/1983 Bernard opened Master Chocolat on 17th avenue and 8th street in Calgary.

Wanting to see what Master Chocolat had in-store for Calgarians this year and how the relationship between the two companies benefited one another, we spoke to Bernard directly to learn more. Bernard has this to say:

“So far, it has been very good, we have been celebrating our 40 years of chocolate making in Calgary. We still have two more weeks to go and Easter is the second largest season of the year for us. I believe we are on track for a very good season”.

“The Costume Shoppe is known in the city, and I have been around for 40 years. I think if you bring two brands together that have great reputations it can only benefit both of them.

We refer The Costume Shoppe to many people. We have cards that we give away for them to people which is a part of the cross advertising that we do as a promotion”.

“Easter is definitely a fun season, it is a children’s season, because a lot of products we sell are children-oriented. It’s really a family event, there is always something for adults, and there is something for the children”.

Looking for more than Easter chocolate this year? Chances are, if it pertains to chocolate, you will find everything you could possibly want at Master Chocolat.

Easter Bunny Costume | The Costume Shoppe

Hot Ticket Items At The Costume Shoppe

The hottest ticket items at The Costume Shoppe for this year’s Easter are white bunny ears. White Bunny Ears are always the main item people are searching for when Easter comes around. Although, many people end up leaving with a lot more than what they originally came in to purchase after entering the in-store location. The Costume Shoppe is filled with fun and exciting accessories that people of all ages can appreciate.

Exciting accessories like: costume footwear, decor, stocking stuffer ideas, trick-or-treat studios, props and play weapons, costume pieces and kits, hats and head pieces, legwear and so much more. When entering The Costume Shoppe, you are bound to find something that tickles your fancy.

Seeking to find out more about The Costume Shoppe from somebody who has already previously familiarized themselves with the company. We decided to speak with Tory Doctor from OBP Musical in Calgary to find out about his past experiences while being an avid Costume Shoppe enthusiast.

Tory Explained:

“They are always on top of the latest trends. Because they are so active on TikTok, they’ve got a great following. They also know what’s very trendy and popular. They always seem to have the latest fashions and the latest fads in the shop. They are really savvy that way.”

Learn more about Tory and OBP by clicking the links.

You Never Know What You Are Missing Until You Have had

The Costume Shoppe experience

For Easter this year, The Costume Shoppe is trying to show people what they could be having at their event by offering Easter Bunny Mascots and costumes for purchase and rent. Most people don’t know what they are missing for the event that they are about to host. An Easter Bunny Mascot is a sure way to really add entertainment value to any venue. In terms of Easter, The Costume Shoppe has all the bits and pieces that you would love to have in a costume shop. Open all year-round as a family business and available for in-store or online shopping. The company ships world wide, so no matter where you are, the accessibility to The Costume Shoppe is never far away.

To summarize Easter at The Costume Shoppe would be: FUN!

Come on down to The Costume Shoppe, hop around and have a great time this year.

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