Black Mass Pope Costume

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Black Mass Pope Men's Costume includes:

  • Robe
  • Papal (poncho)
  • Mitre hat
  • Skull mask

*Note: Staff and black gloves not included.

The Black Mass Pope Men's costume is everything you need to cause a "mass" freak out!

The Black Mass Pope Men's Halloween costume is long, cranberry red coloured robe. There are sleeves attached to this and a strip of Velcro in the back of the neck. When put on, the robe should come to about the ankles. The papal that goes over the robe is a poncho-like garment. It is completely black with arm holes at the sides. Pull over the head and let it drape down the robe. Down the centre of the front of the costume, there is a panel of cranberry-red, satin-like fabric. On this panel of fabric, are designs of black skulls. The included mitre hat is a tall foam hat and is collapsible and features the same cranberry red colour as the robe and papal. The trim of the hat, along the top and bottom, are each done in the deep red. The front of the mitre hat features a cross at the top made of skulls. On either side of this cross are two thorny vines that run from the top down. Along the base of the hat on the front, is a pile of skulls and thorny vines as well. These are all done in the same colour as the robe and trim on the hat. The included skull mask is a vinyl mask with a black elastic strap at the back. The skull design is a little more realistic, featuring areas of shadow where they would naturally be. There are holes in the nose to help with breathing and the eye areas are both cutout to help with vision.

The Black Mass Pope Men's costume is perfect for putting a dark and evil twist on a religious ceremony. Pick up a pair of black gloves and a staff to make a great costume for a spooky Halloween party!