Beautiful Belle Princess Yellow Ball Gown Costume

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The Women’s Beautiful Princess Yellow Belle Ball Gown costume includes:

  • Dress


With the curse broken, restoring the beast to his true self, who can forget that glorious moment when Belle appears in her forever-memorable golden yellow gown?  Classic and dream-inspiring for anyone who still dreams of happy endings, this classic ball gown is altogether opulent beyond description.

The full-length satin underskirt and bodice, with peplums upon the hips and embroidery detail, fairly drips with stunning beauty.  The fine film of organza that overlays the bright sunflower-satin sways with delicate opulence as the wearer moves.  Pinch rosettes accent the bodice and drapery of the dress.

To create a sensation, wear to a mother-daughter dance or dancing competition, to any Disney-inspired event and, of course, for Halloween.  Add gloves, headpiece and jewelry to round out the beauty of the costume.