Bare Bones Babe Costume

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  • Bare Bones Babe Costume


The Bare Bones Babe Costume includes:

  • Leggings
  • Tunic dress


You’ll be able to show your friends that you really are bad to the bone in this skeleton costume, absolutely the most in severe weight loss programs. And while that might be a bit, well, scary, it doesn’t mean you can’t look incredibly hot, too.

The Bare Bones Babe tunic dress shows a detailed human skeleton, from shoulders to the thighs, including rib cage, spine and hip bones (front only). The leggings then complete the skeleton. The costume fabric is luscious and soft on the skin, promising a comfortable and exciting night as you frighten the boys with your flagrant disregard for good health.

A natural choice for your next Halloween party, when you’re ready to rattle out of your gravesite and wander out among the living. Wear with a pair of tall boots or dress yourself up in jewels or appropriate face paint. After all, you only go around once in death – you should make the most of it.

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