1920s Flapper Costume Dress | Therese Black / Gold | Womens Costumes

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The Adult Therese Black Gold Sequined Flapper Dress includes:

  • Dress


The 1920s were a rebellion against posterity and morality; women cut their dresses and made them looser, they smoked, their hair was short … and they threw out the corset them kept them in bondage. The Roaring Twenties offered freedom in a dress – just like this amazing garment we have for you.

Profoundly Art Deco in design with cubist elements, the outer dress features rays of golden sequins throughout the pattern of the dress, back and front. Hundreds of gold beads frame the dress lavishly.  Underlaying this is a short chemise, whose high hem concealed beneath the overlay of embroidered sequins and lush fringe below. With short sleeves and straight neckline, this dress is for the wearer who wants to break all the rules and then throw out the rule book.