Raccoon Onesie | Kigurumi Regular Fit | Adult Costumes

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Whether you are a fan of the night or the nightlife, we have a suspicion you may have been a raccoon in a previous life! This adorable raccoon Kigurumi is perfect for those all-night sessions of raiding the fridge and binging out on your favorite TV series. Just don’t go dumpster diving while wearing it! Each full body suit features the stunning color patterns of a real-life raccoon complete with an adorable striped tail. The baggy fit makes it super comfy so no matter where your night takes you, you will feel at home.


  • Full-body coverage in a baggy and relaxed fit
  • Detailed hood featuring a raccoon face with ears and snout
  • Fitted ankle and wrist cuffs for the best fit possible for your height
  • Semi-attached striped tail in the rear just like the real deal
  • Button up front closure for easy wear
  • One size fits most