Adult Conjuring Universe Licensed Deluxe Annabelle Doll Costume

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The Adult Conjuring Universe Licensed Deluxe Annabelle Costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Mask
  • Wig


Become the demon using the porcelain doll once created for the little girl Annabelle, whose death brought about your presence on earth.  Once possessing the doll, you’ll terrorize all those who come within your reach, teaching them the true meaning of evil.  No doll in the world is more frightening than Annabelle, who is ready to torment one and all.

The doll’s costume dress is made of lush oyster-white cloth, pleated below the empire waistline and featuring a wide red band and extravagant rose motif.  Red piping crosses the chest above the bust, with pleated cloth above and a wide boat-necked collar.  The long sleeves reach the wrists and are puffed from elbow to shoulder.  Annabelle’s curled, pig-tailed wig is lovely and generous, while designed to wear with the vacuform mask.  The latter fits with an elasticized strap.

Disturbing and unusual for your next Halloween horror festival, this creepy Annabelle costume is certainly the first in squickiness.  Glass case that imprisons Annabelle is not included.