Adult Black Panther Muscle Civil War Costume

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Adult Black Panther Muscle Civil War Costume includes:

  • Muscle jumpsuit
  • Black Panther mask

Join the Civil War fight as the Wakandan warrior chief, Black Panther! Officially licensed by Marvel, this Adult Black Panther Muscle costume is taken right out of "Captain America: Civil War" and looks and feels great!

Like the name suggests, this muscle costume is all black with armour-like design and detailing. The padded jumpsuit gives the illusion of having the Black Panther's muscular build, in case you need some help with that. Easy to slip on, the open back closes with several strips of Velcro. The 3-D printed boot tops and wrist gauntlets come attached to the costume's legs and sleeves. The detailing on the Adult Black Panther Muscle Civil War costume is a pretty high caliber. His silver claw necklace looks real enough to take off but is printed onto the costume. The overall design of the costume resembles the armour seen in the film, Captain America: Civil War. There is great attention to detail here. The face mask that's included with the Adult Black Panther Civil War costume is made of a moulded plastic and features a black elastic strap in back and includes Velcro to help fasten each end. The Black Panther mask looks great as well. The eyes are covered with a clear plastic which looks great aesthetically as well as helps with vision. There are inconspicuous slits that help with breathing in the centre area where your nose and mouth would be and silver painted detailing accentuate the overall look of the mask.

Whether fighting with the Avengers or against, the Adult Black Panther Muscle Civil War Costume is the ideal choice for a new generation of heroes. Black Panther is a great character for any superhero Halloween party!