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Elevate your bond game with our Acrylbond with Remover, the ultimate adhesive duo that'll have you sticking together like peas in a pod and dissolving bonds with ease! This adhesive is so "stick-tacular," it's like a powerful alliance for all your crafting needs, ensuring that your projects stay firmly connected. But wait, when it's time to part ways, our trusty remover will swoop in like the superhero it is, making sure you can "un-stick" without a hitch. Whether you're crafting, designing, or fixing with creative flair, our Acrylbond with Remover is the dynamic duo you need to conquer any project with a "bond" that's unbreakable and a "breakup" that's easy as pie. So, don't just stick around; get "un-stuck" and re-stick it with our adhesive and remover combo, because when it comes to bonding and debonding, Acrylbond's got your crafty pursuits covered!

Acrybond Adhesive and remover can glue latex, foam, silicon and hair. It is water based and safe and non-toxic.

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