Abominable Snowman Yeti Costume

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One size: Standard (up to chest 44")

Abominable Snowman Yeti costume includes:

  • Bodysuit
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Mask
  • Inflatable shoulders

Impersonate one of the world's greatest legends, in this full body fury Yeti costume.

The costume comes with four pieces. The first is a full white faux fur body suite, open in the back with a tie behind the neck. Next there are two giant Yeti feet with rubber bottoms and toes and you can slide in your own shoe. Next there are to rubber hand gloves with white fur tops. Don't forget to cover the face with the full head fur mask with a rubber Yeti face. The mask has openings at the eyes and mouth. Lastly finish off the look with inflatable shoulders that go over the head and rest in place.

This Halloween costume is great for scaring people, Halloween or making your own sasquatch sighting.