80s Funky Dude Tracksuit | 80s | Mens Costumes

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  • 80s Funky Dude Tracksuit | 80s | Mens Costumes
  • 80s Funky Dude Tracksuit | 80s | Mens Costumes


The 80s Mens Funky Tracksuit Costume includes:

  • Pullover top

  • Pants

Have the best fitness experience of your life by pretending to be an aerobics guru in this quintessential 80s workout Track Suit. Made of 100% authentic polyester for maximum transformation back to the 1980s.

The pullover top, or warmer, is black with bright neon green and hot pink trimming. Added decoration on the warmer and the leggings adds a genuine look to the costume, as does the pink drawstrings on the collar. Two snap buttons close the top. The pants fit with an elasticized waist and ankle cuffs; the top provides the same elasticized fit for the sleeves.

This costume could be the breakthrough Halloween idea that will finally break you free from your complacency and increase your reps, your calorie burn and you're whole view on life … or you could wear it to any costume party ironically. Either way, where it comes to depicting the 80s fitness consciousness, this costume and you could be the real thing!

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