20s Black Striped Vest Mobster/Gangster Costume | 1920s Suit | Mens Costumes

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The Adult Navy Striped Vest Mobster Costume includes:

  • Vest
  • Shirt front and tie
  • Pants
  • Hat


Hey goombah … you’re lookin’ for a suit, yeah?  Take a little advice paisano: you gonna want something nice, something stylish, something that says you’re wise, that you ain’t a gonna take no lip from none of them squares.

Dis matching pair of pants and shirt has gotta nice pinstripe pattern, just what you’re gonna want when Jimmy the Lips has forgotten about that 27 G’s he owes you.  The shirt front, with tie, fits under the vest … and makes it easy if dere’s a little splashback.  Ya know what I mean?  And de hat; hey, don’t be a chadrool, wadda ya want?  Dis is a nice hat, with a nice pinstripe hat-band.  You gonna look really smart in this hat.

So when you want a little vino, some good times, make like a Siciliano at dat next Roarin’ 20s party.  Make wid da Halloweenin’ too.  Take along a chopper – chu know, a Tommy gun.  And say hi to Jimmy for me.