20s Gangster Sharp Black Suit Costume

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The 20s Gangster Men’s Sharp Black Suit Costume includes:

  • Jacket
  • Pants
  • Necktie
  • Boutonniere


Hey, you gotta figure, you walk down the street in this costume, there’s a good chance that someone’s gonna put a hit on you. That’s how good you’re gonna look. So guy, you tells me what you’re gonna do, when you got two gunmen and they’re both gonna put a bullet in you. I tell you what you’re gonna do. To live, you gotta kill ‘em both.

But in these threads, you’re gonna be dressed to kill. And they won’t see it comin’, cause they’re gonna be looking at the pinstripes on your jacket and your pants, and not at you. They’re gonna be looking at the fine tailoring, the double-breasted lapels, the gold buttons on your front, at that gorgeous gold tie you’re wearing. They’ll see the boutonniere, not you. And they’ll see your smile as you gun ‘em down.

What’s more, a guy like you has got a lot of friends. A close family. People you can trust. And some of them people, they gonna have a costume party. They gonna get together on Halloween. And they gonna drink and have a little to eat. It’ll be a good time. So long as no one comes along and shoots up the place.