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Get ready to jazz up your style with our 20s Deco Metallic Tattoos, the ultimate temporary tattoo collection that'll have you "glamming it up" and channeling the roaring '20s in Gatsby-worthy fashion! These metallic tattoos are so fabulously Art Deco, they're like a ticket to the past, ensuring you're the star of any Gatsby-themed soiree. Whether you're preparing for a ritzy event, a Great Gatsby-inspired party, or just adding a touch of "jazz-age" flair to your look, our 20s Deco Metallic Tattoos are the key to making your skin as captivating and elegant as a lavish '20s ballroom. So, don't just "tattoo" your style with the ordinary; "shimmer and shine" your way into the spotlight and become the Art Deco sensation of the night, because when it comes to temporary tattoos, we're here to make you the "golden era" star of the event! Great for any 20s party or festivals!

1 Sheet Metallic Waterproof Temporary Tattoo Sticker Body Art Metallic Colors Assorted Patterns.

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