Victorian English Nanny Musical Costume - Plus Size

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The Women’s Plus Size English Nanny Musical Costume includes:

  • Jacket
  • Shirt
  • Dickey
  • Hat
  • Flower assortment
  • Parrot umbrella handle


Instill the adoration and thrill of others as you arrive dressed in this fabulous Mary Poppins costume, most certainly a spoonful of sugar in an otherwise troublesome world.  With umbrella in hand, you’re set to be the most remarkable governess ever put in charge of children – or indeed any household run by muddled parents.

With no-nonsense appeal of the first order, the steel-blue English jacket promises a spit-spot presentation.  Offering narrow lapels and four buttons to make up the front, the black-trimmed jacket is accentuated by a white shirt and a bright crimson scarf dickey.  A skirt of darker blue provides a resolute governess look.

Complimenting all is a narrow-brimmed hat, flat on the top, matching the jacket just so.  Dressing up the hat is an assortment of blue, white or red flowers.  Included is a soft-rubber umbrella knob, the very image of a parrot’s head.  The umbrella itself is not included with the costume.

Wear to this years’ release of the new Mary Poppins film, Mary Poppins Returns, coming out this December 2018.  Fun for a cosplay outing with children in the country or to any fair, museum or tourist spot.  Great for leading the children around for Halloween trick-or-treating.