Victorian Chimney Sweep - Mary Poppins Movie Costume

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The Men’s Chimney Sweep Movie Musical Uniform Costume includes:

  • Jacket
  • Vest
  • Bandanna
  • Hat


An homage to the cheerful Bert from the original Mary Poppins, this costume is sure to win the heart of anyone wanting to get a little dirty this Halloween. With a broom for the shaft and a brush for the flue, there’s a world half in shadow and half in light that beckons to every chimney sweep looking to dance on the rooftops of London. Chim-chim cher-oo, this year that’s you!

The chimney sweep jacket is made to look weathered, with wool-like material to show that it has seen its days of hard labor and cramped work. Yet the jacket continues to hold up quite well. With three working buttons, pocket flaps and a high workman’s collar, the jacket fits over a waistcoat patterned with brass buttons and a mauve lining. The rough workman’s cap stretches to fit; finally, a red bandanna is sure to keep your neck from getting too sweaty at your labors.

Make your rounds of the Halloween parties this year, remembering that when you shake hands with the guests your good luck will rub off on them. Add a broom to the ensemble and get to know the rooftop set, the happiest crew that a fellow ever knew!