Velvet Regency 18th Century Coat Costume

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  • Velvet Regency 18th Century Coat Costume LG
  • Velvet Regency 18th Century Coat Costume LG
  • Velvet Regency 18th Century Coat Costume


The Velvet Regency Coat Costume includes:

  • Coat


The Redcoats are coming! That means you this season, as you exercise your privilege to wear this Regency Red Coat as a member of the most powerful army in the world. You’ll teach the 13 Colonies their place, you’ll be eloquent and merciless, and you’ll look good doing it!

Made with scarlet, velvet-like material throughout, the coat includes tails that fall long at the back, with a hem that rises in the front, where the jacket closes with hook-and-eye fastenings. Lapels of black velvety felt, a black collar and heavy black cuffs dress the jacket, as well as shoulder boards … all of which features brass buttons, each with the symbol of Liberty. Bright gold braid accessorizes the coat throughout.

If you’re not bringing the world to its knees this Halloween, you’ll look marvelous dressed up in this jacket for any party or officer’s event. Wear this for a wargamer’s expo, or if you’re commanding British troops in your next re-enactment of Waterloo or Yorkton. Add a sabre and belt, a white wig or velvet gloves for full effect.

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