Toddler's Tracker Paw Patrol Costume

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Toddler Kids Tracker Paw Patrol Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Backpack
  • Headpiece

Transform your child into one of the amazing Pups of the PAW Patrol with this Toddler Kids Tracker Paw Patrol Costume!

This costume in incredibly soft, with a felt like feel on the outside, and a smooth, soft polyester feel on the inside, which will make it extra comfortable to wear and super light as well!  The costume's design from the top, has Tracker's red collar around the neck which has a Velcro closure, and on the front of the collar is Tracker's Paw-Tag identifying him as a member of the PAW Patrol.  The green vest also has a zipper and stitching print on it, making it look a little more realistic.  Also around the belt are Tracker's Item Pouch and Water Canteen.  The extra items that come with the costume are Tracker's hat which is a green polyurethane foam and has Tracker's ears attached.  As well as his PAW Pouch, which is an over the shoulder backpack style, also in green polyurethane foam, and has Tracker's PAW Badge printed on it.  The PAW Pouch also features a Velcro closure at the top, making it an actual pouch that you can carry items in, and both shoulder straps are attached with Velcro making them re-sizable!!

Have your child become the memorable eighth member of the PAW Patrol for their next birthday party, themed kids party, sleep over days with friends, or out trick or treating on Halloween!