Toddler's Shimmer - Shimmer and Shine Genie Costume

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Shimmer Genie Toddler Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuits with attached vest
  • Ponytail accessory
  • Wrist cuffs

*Note: Footwear not included.

Grant your little one's wishes with this Shimmer Genie Toddler costume!

The one-piece Shimmer Genie costume comes with a jumpsuit with numerous features and decorations. The top of the jumpsuit is a light purple satin. It has short, puffy sleeves with white polka dots. The sleeve cuffs are elastic and there is a small cutout on the top of each sleeve. The attached vest is a soft dark purple velvet. There are rhinestones in various sizes all over this velvety vest. Around the waist sits an attached sash with the same rhinestone detailing. Two pieces of velvety fabric drape down from the right side of the sash as if to give the appearance it is tied around the waist. The sash and vest each have golden trim along them as well.

The Shimmer Genie Toddler costume pants are a deep, satiny purple with a purple tulle overtop. Done in a harem-pant style, these puffy pants also have purple flecks of glitter throughout the tulle. Just like Barbara Eden's classic Genie, this costume also includes a ponytail - but this one is in bright pink! It simply stays in the hair with a clip. No genie-in-training is complete without her wrist cuffs, either. These soft foam cuffs come in a gold colour and sit on the wrists. There are green teardrop type stones painted on with white polka dots. They also have a scalloped edge to them as well. 

Hop aboard your magic carpet and head to your next Halloween party in the adorable Shimmer Genie Toddler Costume!