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Do you believe in protecting the innocent and ensuring justice? With the To Serve and Protect Police Badge you can elevate your costume to the next level, bringing authenticity to your actions and a legacy to be followed. This Police Badge is made of metal with a gold finish including black painted banners across the top and bottom. The words ‘To Serve’ are found within the top banner, with ‘And Protect’ on the bottom banner. In the center of the badge in large capital letters the word ‘Police’ is stated in raised matching gold. At the top of the badge there is a detailed design of a bald eagle with its wings slightly spread apart, the bird appears to be perching above the rest of the accessory. To wear the To Serve and Protect Police Badge there is a pin back attached to the underside in order to secure it on your chosen item of clothing. Perfect for Police and Detective costumes for Halloween, or gift to the young aspiring officer in your life

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