Swirly Detective X-Ray Goggles

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CAUTION. These X-Ray goggles won't give you X-Ray vision. They will, however, convince everybody else that they do. These goggles have round rims that extend back and cover the entire eye area. Raised air vents are positioned around the lenses for a cool, textured look, and the bridge has a solid, pinched shape. The lenses of these goggles have a red tint, and a silver sparkly vortex swirls out from the centre. Instead of a band, these goggles have arms like glasses, ensuring a comfortable fit without feeling strapped in. “X-Ray vision” is written within a circle on the sides of the arms. These goggles would be a fun accessory for any SciFi futuristic costume, carnival sideshow prop, or as a hilarious party gag. WARNING. Walls may appear invisible.* Take caution where you walk. *walls do not actually appear invisible

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