Super State Trooper Costume

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The Trooper 420 Costume includes:

  • Shirt with tie

  • Pants with holster

  • Hat

Join Ramathorn, Foster and Womack as you catch potheads, stoners and ballers along the highway near Spurbury, Vermont. You never know what you're going to find locked inside the next Winnebago you pull over, or what sort of spliff brain would-be skiiers you'll stop on their way to Canada. Put on the uniform and find out.

The costume includes a collared uniform shirt with tie, pocket flaps and Trooper badge, further decorated with matching brown shoulder-boards. The brown pants with sewn-in belt and holster have an elasticized waist and straight ankle cuffs. The brimmed trooper hat in green includes a badge to match the shirt, and official brown hatband.

You'll be ready to bust some party guests at your next Halloween bash, or use the costume to pull a great prank on some of your buddies (at just the right moment). Just watch out for the Spurbury Police Department – you can't trust those guys.