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Gear up for a journey through time with our Steampunk Gear Monocle with Cord—an accessory that's more than just eye candy! This monocle is a mechanical marvel, seamlessly blending Victorian aesthetics with futuristic flair. The gears and cogs, intricately woven into the design, evoke a sense of industrial elegance that's sure to turn heads at any steampunk gathering. The attached cord adds a touch of utility, ensuring you won't lose this time-traveling treasure. Whether you're an airship captain, an inventor, or just someone with an appreciation for the extraordinary, this monocle is the perfect addition to your steampunk ensemble. Embrace the whimsy of the steam-powered era and show off your unique style with this monocle that's truly a sight for steampunk sore eyes!

This monocle fits most comfortable in one eye. It is encased in a gold circle which has a green lens. It is printed on top of the green lens. There is a brown cord that will go down the side of your face. 

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