Sleeping Princess Aurora Pink Dress Costume

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Sleeping Princess Aurora includes:

  • Dress
  • Crown headband

There will definitely be no sleeping once you put on this Princess Aurora costume!

This beautiful pink dress is exactly what you need to transform yourself into Sleeping Beauty. The bodice of the Princess Aurora dress is soft and made of a velvet-like material. The sleeves are pink and sheer and are somewhat capped with white, which trims the top of the gown and shows through the faux lace-up front. At the top of the neckline sits a ruby-like stone with pink bow. Gold piping trims the front of the bodice of this gorgeous dress. The skirt of the Princess Aurora dress is long and flowing, just as you remember seeing from Disney's classic film, Sleeping Beauty. Resembling a shimmering satin, the skirt is a vibrant shade of pink and in true Disney Princess style, sweeps the floor. Wrapped around the skirt of the Princess Aurora dress is a sheer fabric with a glittering gold design and is left open at the front of the skirt. The included crown headband features a golden coloured crown with glitter and is made of a sturdy felt. It is attached to a pink headband.

You will definitely rival Princess Aurora in this beautiful dress. Even Maleficent won't be sure who to envy. Pick up a golden blonde wig to help complete the look. And a song here and there might not be the worst thing, either.