Silly Billy Clown Dress Costume

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  • Ladies Silly Billy Clown Costume
  • Silly Billy Clown Dress Costume


The Ladies Silly Billy Clown Costume includes:

-Vibrant multicoloured dress

-Two colored pompoms

-Zipper in back

The Silly Billy Clown Costume is crazy vibrant. Each piece of fabric is as bright and fluorescent as possible. The dress features a frilly accent around the low neckline and along the short sleeves. Silly yet subtlety sexy at the same time, you could wear this dress to an office party or themed bar event. Lightweight and sturdy, this versatile dress is one of the nicest clown dresses available. This clown dress fits very true to size and comes in a good array of sizing options. The XS is a US size 1. The waistline in this dress is rigid and has no give so buying a size smaller to make it sexier won’t work with this costume.

The clown dress itself has strips of colour running vertically down the garment, with accentuating green suggesting an undershirt below the dress. The dress is about knee length and slim in the waist, with room to move a bit in the stretchy upper portion. The sleeves are stretchy as well with elastic to hold them in place. The zipper in the back goes down to the skirt line and up to where the dress ends on the upper back. If you have a big butt (like me) consider buying a size larger so you don’t have to struggle to get into it.

There are two adorable pompoms in the front of the dress that make it feel extra clowny, and a braided yellow ribbon along the lower hem to add a bit more colour. Because you can’t get enough colour with this dress.

This clown costume would be great for Halloween, themed office parties, cosplay nights at clubs, or for entertaining the kids at a birthday party. This dress begs to be accessorized. Hats, glasses, gloves, shoes, boots, flowers, waterguns, socks, wigs, makeup, you name it, and it’ll go with this dress.

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