She-Wolf Full Moon Werewolf Costume

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The Women’s She-Wolf Full Moon Werewolf Costume includes:

  • Vest with hood
  • Tunic
  • Belt and tail
  • 2 Glovelets


Oh no! You’ve caught lycanthropy!  Ah well, you’ll have to make the most of it, especially once the moon is full and your body is … craving … something to soothe your hunger.  There’s a she-wolf inside and it is ready to howl.  Sooner than you know it, you’ll be sitting at a costume party, at a bar … and staring right at your prey.

Bedecked with delectable faux fur throughout, this one-piece fur-fest includes an attached hood.  Matching fur glovelets fit comfortably over the hands with a stretch wrist.  The plaid woodsy dress is somewhat shredded and slashed from the viciousness of your own claws.  To finish the costume, a studded black leather-like belt includes an attached wolf’s tail of soft fur.

Don’t be a lone wolf; visit a costume party or two, get out and join the pack this Halloween … and deservedly draw a few wolf whistles as you look sensational in this delicious outfit.  Add a pair of ripped jeans and play with your make-up to take the costume to the next level.