Romeo Shakespeare True Love Costume

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The Men’s Shakespeare Romeo True Love Costume includes:

  • Jacket
  • Belt
  • Boot tops


Forsooth, the gain of costume wear in the mortal realm is not like that of theatre.  In life, when you are Romeo, you will find not enough lines to carry you through an evening of debauchery; you can cry, “Where art thou Juliet,” only so many times before varlets will cry, “Enough!”  If you will be Romeo, then you must be the body and soul of Romeo, completely and with your whole heart – for only then can you truly find and love your Juliet.

Here’s goodly gear!  This sumptuous jacket and shirt together in one piece, young Montague, is but a trifle for your enjoyment, but possesses an indigo felt, embroidered, to rest upon your shoulders surrounding your heavy heart.  A shirt lace, drawn between silver eyes, shall sustain you, bracing the vertical piping upon thy chest and body, giving strength to your resolve.  Draw the belt, festooned with grommets, about thy person; gird yourself with velvety boot tops – and strike out upon the hour to see your lady love.

She may attend a costume party, where she waits under love’s heavy burden as she desires to see you and be sustained.  On, good fellow! Direct your sail to the theatre, to the book-reading, to the literature expo, to the very ends of the earth if need be.  Your Juliet awaits!