Rogue Prince Tunic Costume

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The Rogue Prince Tunic Costume includes:

  • Tunic


As a warrior prince and member of the monarchy, you’ve commanded soldiers in battle many times. But now is the time to bring your forces against your father, as a Rogue Prince … for the good of the kingdom, to relieve the curse upon your father’s heart and to vanquish the evil that has threatened the realm.

Our princely jacket will ensure that you are dressed for the part, in glory that matches your Royal Blood, with this majestic silver and black tunic. The layered design gives the impression of silver mesh armor, layered over loose silver mail, against a black arming coat. The sleeves end in thick silvery piping on the upper arm and the wrist, with similar piping encircling the magnificent dragon heraldic shield of your kingdom. The emblem features a long sword against the rays of a setting red sun. The armor mesh covers the upper arms and serves as a protection for your throat, a warrant against assassins and traitors alike.

Once you’ve wrested the kingdom from the evil that plagues it, you’ll want to hurry off for a Halloween ball or similar costume event, or try out a fan expo or game con. Complete the costume with a weapon of your choice, with a helmet or leather belt to pull the tunic together. A great piece for your next role-playing game night.