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Make a bloodcurdling impression with our Regular Blood 8 oz, the quintessential costume makeup essential for crafting spine-tingling looks that will leave a lasting mark! This blood-red concoction is the key to adding a touch of frightful realism to your Halloween ensemble, whether you're a vampire, zombie, or simply embracing the spooky season in style. So, let your imagination run red, and make a gory statement with our Regular Blood – because when it comes to costume makeup, it's time to unleash the blood, sweat, and fearsome creativity! Regular blood is a deep red with orange undertones. Dries to a tacky finish, and is washable.

This blood is made in small batches in Calgary, AB. Since Bleeding Art was formed over ten years ago the company has been perfecting their recipes for stage, screen, simulations, the medical field, and for independent artists.