Oogie Boogie Nightmare Before Christmas Prestige Costume

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The Prestige Oogie Boogie Nightmare Before Christmas Costume includes:

  • Latex Mask
  • Full body suit

The Prestige Oogie Boogie Nightmare Before Christmas Costume comes with a pull over style latex mask, and a full body jumpsuit which ends at the ankles. The bodysuit is made out of a thick fabric which has varied thread colors stitched together to create the same textured appearance as burlap. Along the seams of the suit there are large printed ‘stiches’ creating the iconic appearance of Oogie Boogie. Down the length of the arms the fabric connects over the hands into a point creating a single solid attached mitt. Around the ankles there is a built in elastic ensuring the suit stays up, while down the back of the suit Velcro tabs allow the suit to remain secure.

The mask is made out of latex and beautifully designed. Molded shapes into the mask create the defined eyebrows and bunched up mouth, and large black stitching along the sides extends up into the curled pointed top on the head. Inside the open gap of the mouth is fake painted bugs in different colors and shapes. While being worn a dark colored mesh over the eyes allow the wearer to see out and move around normally. 

Do you ever find yourself relating to to a sadistic, power hungry, and sentient burlap sack? With the Prestige Oogie Boogie Nightmare before Christmas Costume your dreams can come true, putting you into the shoes of a fan favourite villain. Wear this larger than life costume out to themed parties and events, classic Halloween gathering, or out to your next local comic convention! The crowds can’t say no when you throw the dice looking like this!