Police Officer Female Uniform Costume

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  • Womens Police Officer Uniform Costume
  • Police Officer Female Uniform Costume


The Women’s Police Officer Uniform Costume includes:

  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Hat
  • 2 Badges
  • Belt
  • Hand cuffs


If you’re interested in presenting a no-nonsense police presence at your next costume event, we’re ready to deck you out in full uniform – good enough for serious crowd-control. Believe us, after a little crime prevention, a little community service and taking your share of lip from citizens, you’ll be ready to party full on!

The cloth weave uniform’s shirt and pants provide an imposing look, as you show yourself to be a member of the thin blue line. The shirt includes three front buttons; it cinches closed with a leather-like belt, closing with a silvery belt buckle. Designed to match the uniform, with leathery brim, the policeman’s cap has space for one of two badges that pin in place – the other fits on the breast pocket. Each badge declares you’re a member of “Police Play” from the 1028th Precinct. And so you can make proper arrests, a pair of locking plastic handcuffs are included. Just remember to read them their rights.

It can be hard being a cop. Bringing law and order to a costume party is a special duty and it can go hard on an officer. Better add a billy club to your costume if you want to go armed. A police whistle or even a pistol could be helpful also, if you want to bring maximum force.

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