Pirate Queen Buccaneer Costume

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The Lady Buccaneer Costume includes:

  • Dress with attached belt
  • Bolero jacket
  • Hat


Raid amidships and take no prisoners! You’ll not be kept in port while the sea beckons and there’s adventure to be had upon the bounding main. Bedecked as a buccaneer engaged in piracy on behalf of your sovereign, or a rogue going alone with your crew well in hand, you’ll look smart and ready to give powder and shot to any enemy that dares stand against you.

This full skirted buccaneer’s dress features a red felt bodice with wide shoulder straps. The black skirt combines a black-and-red striped hem some four inches wide, above attached black and red mesh petticoats that give the dress body and poise. A belt made of black felt, with a brass buckle, is a part of the dress. Overtop, the matching velvety shroud, with black-and-red striped motif, fits comfortably around the shoulders. Last, a soft buccaneer’s hat, with gold flecked lace trim, fits jauntily upon the head; in rough winds, the hat is best pinned in place.

Whether you plan to storm the drinking houses of some defenseless harbor port, dig for buried treasure or merely to “keelhaul” one of your crew in the privacy of the Captain’s cabin, you’ll be dressed for the part this Halloween … or for any pirate or historically themed event. Add a pistol or a cutlass for the full effect. Be daring and bold as you go forth upon the briny deep … there’s none can tell what treasures await!