Pimp Ring | 70s | Costume Jewelry

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Dazzle your digits with our Pimp Ring, the ultimate costume accessory that's the key to unlocking extravagant elegance! This ring is not just jewelry; it's a bling-tastic masterpiece crafted to add a touch of opulent flair to your costume ensemble. With its flashy design and a nod to flamboyant fashion, our Pimp Ring ensures you'll be the star of any costume party, themed event, or glitzy gathering. So, slip on this ring, embrace the extravagant vibes, and watch as you become the crowned royalty of the event – because when it comes to costume accessories, our Pimp Ring is the must-have detail for those ready to pimp out their style and reign supreme in the hearts of fellow fashionistas!

Includes 1 Fake Gold Square Ring




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